Discover a world like no other

Magic, adventure, and mystery await in this clean, YA fantasy. 

Denied her Gift by the village Magi, nineteen-year-old Mara is forced to live as a dreg, despised and persecuted by all. 

Forced to flee when tragedy strikes her hometown, Mara uncovers a dangerous tangle of secrets and lies that shatter what she believes about her world, and the Order that controls it.

But not everything is as it seems, and Mara must soon choose between her heart, or accepting a destiny she doesn't want. 

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Dreg (the dreg trilogy book one)

 Mara is dirt— worse, actually. She’s a dreg.

Nineteen-year-old Mara has spent her whole life wondering why the old Magi refused to awaken her Gift. With no magical ability to call her own, Mara faces a life of persecution with no value, no power and no purpose.
When a charming new Magi arrives in her village of Stonehollow, Mara expects more of the same. Instead, she’s thrust into a dangerous tangle of secrets and lies that will shatter everything she thought she knew.

Now, Mara must flee the Order— a powerful organization of Magi who will do anything to capture her before she can expose the truth. 

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Tales From Stonehollow

 Tales From Stonehollow is a collection of six short stories set in the Dreg universe.

Explore the continent in greater depth through the eyes of six unique characters. From a silent protector faced with an impossible decision to a Rei who learns the consequences of his choices, follow these characters as they experience both failures and triumphs.

Tales From Stonehollow can be read as a standalone, or in conjunction with the Dreg Trilogy.

Each story is between 1,400 and 2,600 words in length. 

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Gifted (The Dreg Trilogy Book Two)

 A destiny she doesn’t want.
A future she can’t have.
A prophecy that will change everything.

With the pain of betrayal and loss fresh in her mind, Mara must do the unthinkable if she wants to survive—work with the enemy.

Joined by allies, old and new, Mara must break free from the clutches of the Order and forge her own path. There’s just one small problem…

She can no longer tell friend from foe.

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Miestryri (A Dreg Novella 2.5)


Rejected… Scorned… Feared

The exile returns…

Betrayal, assassination, and banishment are a stroll on the beach compared to family.  

After a year in exile, Crown Prince Silvano Miore’ returned to his seaside homeland of Crystalmoor, hoping to reconcile with his estranged father.

Instead, he was met with an outstretched sword.

Suspicion hangs over him after the death of his father. Kin-killer, they call him. Now he must navigate the treacherous waters of the nobility and the sea god’s priests if he is to be anointed and take his place as Miestryri.

But how can he win over the people who fear and distrust him?

When he makes a life-shattering discovery, will he give up, or will he fight for the future he wants?

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Order (The Dreg Trilogy Book Three)

 When Mara escaped the Order, she thought the worst was behind her.

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now, she must survive court life while undermining the Order at every turn. If the emperor discovers her secret, it will be more than just her neck on the chopping block.

But Cadmus is proving to be a more cunning foe than she’d imagined, and her complicated feelings about a certain disgraced Magi certainly aren’t helping.

Friends have become enemies and alliances will be broken, but can Mara prevent a war?

Or is war inevitable?

Mara must destroy the Order… or die trying.